Artist and designer Bobby Woodward has created a collection of handcrafted exotic leathers ranging from handbags to furniture. Whether it’s hand braiding kangaroo lace, or gold smithing each piece’s hardware, Bobby Woodward brings unmatched skill and work ethic to this collection. Bobby Woodward’s legacy of craftsmanship offers imaginative, one of a kind pieces with a lifetime guarantee.


Raised in the vast mountains of southwest Texas, Bobby Woodward creates with ultimate respect for the earth’s rich history and the beauty it lends to his craft. With sustainability in the foreground of today’s market, he continues to ensure that all stones and skins are ethically sourced. Every skin can be tracked to its origin where animals are given the utmost care. To show reverence for our land, Woodward inlay’s a small piece of white sage under each stone and asks the Creator to keep the stones, animals, and metals connected to Mother Earth. This generates good energy and medicine for the keeper of each piece. This spiritual connection is vital and often deeply personal. Customers are encouraged to incorporate their own skins and family heirlooms to truly make each piece their own.


Bobby Woodward is the quintessence of luxury. Crafted from the finest skins including stingray, ostrich and alligator, Bobby Woodward offers status you can only get from the completely custom experience. Bobby honors each animal he uses by saying a prayer for its spirit and thanking it for its gifts. White sage is added to each piece to connect it back to nature. By treating his pieces with respect, Bobby creates art that shows reverence to its materials and their creator. As he designs each piece, Bobby has been able to create custom designs that fit the energy and nature of the stone, leather, and client. Bringing together the elements that are meant to be together is a specialty of Bobby’s. Owners are encouraged to bring meaningful family keepsakes into their design.  Bobby respects the trust and honor his clients bestow on him allowing him to create next generation heirloom pieces from repurposed family treasures